Anti Spam Policy

Karttoday gives utmost respect to visitors’ privacy choices. Karttoday’s support team works hard and smart on using the customer’s data responsibly and not to misuse anything. We follow a no tolerance spam policy and committed to it –  Karttoday will not disturb any customer by sending the unsolicited emails or other digital communications unless the customer allows us to. We promise that the customer’s data like email, phone number or bank account numbers, etc., will not be sold or shared with any third parties/companies. 

Our customer privacy is important to us. We are strict at rules on the cost of providing a great shopper experience with relevant offers, reviews, buying guides, and other content from popular e-commerce sites to all our visitors. 

Each and every team member is expected to run their accounts without spamming the merchants or visitors of the site. If Karttoday receives such complaints on spamming, it has all the rights reserved to immediately suspend or ban the member from the business.

Write to us, in any case, if you find any spamming happening with our name.

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